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Durgesh Bhardwaj - HitechMasterji

Durgesh Bhardwaj

This is Durgesh, Born and bought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. At very early age I was move to hostel as my parents thought that was the best way to make me responsible and mature, well they proved to be right. I am the one from those who knew what’s right or right for me. My only dream was or is to be myself (The best version of me). Though it sound filmy but of course.

Like any other kid, I became engineer which is what my dad chose for me, which does not mean I was unhappily doing it but did not found it to be complete for me. Education or spreading my opinion was my interest and therefore which I realized much later but it’s never too late as they say so I started teaching when reached in third year of my college which gave me immense happiness. Later I got placed in one of the fine MNC, So Now I am also working as 9 to 5 (which actually 11 to 8 according to my convenient).

This blog is not just a source of income for me, which I haven’t thought of so far but also a way to express my opinion and explore more which I love as mentioned.

So, if you also love to read and explore, you’ll feel right at home here.

I will make sure to give you best content with clear words for better understanding and for owns individual progress. My focus is not just to give my opinion but to make sure what am try to say reaches you with the same meaning also after reading this blog I don’t just want you to imagine but to implement what you imagined. Yes you read it right. I am not here for story telling but to discuss and disclose the facts which will be for best help of yours. I want you to come back for more interesting facts about education, innovation and finance. This may be our first interaction but will make it a major dealership of knowledge and opinion. This HitechMasterji.com won’t stop with fewer deliveries


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Hitech Masterji

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